Testimonial Videos – Read this before making one

Testimonial Videos – Read this before making one

“Loyal customers, they don't just come back, they don't simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”  So said Chip Bell.

95% of buyers say that reviews – positive or negative - affect their buying decisions and 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decisions, according to sources listed on the website www.wyzowl.com 

This rings a bell.  When you have received such value for money, you want to tell people.  People who feel listened to and heard will come back for more.  And over the last decade we’ve seen review and review sites explode onto the scene and become a standard part of any online sales process.  If you’re selling products, the variables are pretty constant across the experience:

  • Is it what it says it is?
  • Is the quality and functionality what was claimed?
  • Did it arrive within the quoted timeframe? 
  • If not, was the problem dealt with swiftly and well?

With service-based businesses and reviews there are so many more variables involved.  The process is longer, and customer satisfaction can depend on many people and many events, even what kind of say someone is having on any particular day.  Therefore I tend to allow for more nuance in my reading of service reviews, looking for things I can identify with – Was a bad review just because of one person who has now gone?  Was the customer blatantly expecting too much? Have they given a 1-star review based on elements out of the provider’s control - and so on?  We all have different inherent rating levels in our heads too.  I have talked to people about this, and it’s not just me.  Friends and colleagues do the same.  If I’m buying clothes online, I generally want things to be 4.5 stars plus, if I’m downloading some app to view a sport I can’t get elsewhere, I don’t really care, I just want the facility and am happy to accept the substandard monopolisation of that content.  If it’s a show or a film, you’re always going to get lovers and haters so I always dive in to see if I can relate to any people in there, attaching a ‘believability weighting’ [see Ray Dalio – Radical Transparency] to reviews from people I feel affinity with – maybe they’ve liked the same films I like, etc.

All of this is both helpful and infuriating – I mean, come on Vinted, stop sending me confirmations and questions all the time and just give me the pants already. – but then who buys a product from Amazon with 2.5 stars from 300 reviews?  My gmail account is 90% full and I’m sure it is mostly needy corporations asking me to rate the shade of pink in the store carpets, or something.

In the intricate mind-melt of human existence, the importance of connection is a constant thread weaving through our emotional and psychological fabric. As explored in Sherry Turkle's "Reclaiming Conversation," genuine connections transcend the digital realm, providing a profound sense of belonging and understanding. Face-to-face interactions and authentic dialogues nurture empathy, empathy fosters relationships, and relationships are the bedrock of our emotional well-being. The resonating truth is that our shared experiences and conversations form the foundation of our humanity, shaping us into interconnected beings yearning for the warmth of understanding and the solace found in genuine human connection.

Alright, you say, that’s a bit much.  We’re just punting plumbing supplies?  It sounds a bit pretentious.  But sit and think about it for 30 seconds, it’s all true.  Basically, we’re humans, we’re social and we work best when we’re connected.  So, to make the most of our happy customers, let’s get them talking to our potential customers. 

Here at Shuttlefish Studios, we love making this kind of thing for clients.  The sheer joy of getting a group of people together who have loved their product, a happy supplier, and well – you get the picture…   BUT, we know that not everyone has this in their budget right now, and with a bit of trial and error and a few pointers from us, anyone can create an authentic client testimonial video with real impact. 

How to Plan Your Testimonial Video Using Only Your Phone

Now that you’ve decided to go for this, it's time to harness that influence and create compelling testimonial videos. You might be thinking, "Do I need a professional camera crew and studio lighting?" The answer is a resounding no. In almost every modern smartphone, you have a powerful tool right in your pocket to capture authentic and impactful testimonial videos. Here's a guide on how to plan your testimonial video using only your phone:

1. Identify Your Story

Before hitting the record button, identify the story you want to tell. What was the customer's pain point, and how did your product or service solve it? Encourage your customer to share specific details about their experience. Authenticity is key, so let them speak from the heart.

2. Choose the Right Setting

Select a quiet and well-lit environment for recording. Natural light works wonders, so if possible, position yourself near a window. Ensure there are minimal distractions in the background, allowing the viewer to focus on the speaker. The goal is to create a visually appealing and distraction-free testimonial.

3. Frame the Shot

Hold your phone horizontally to capture a landscape-oriented video. This ensures compatibility across various platforms and provides a professional look. Position the phone at eye level and frame the shot with the speaker slightly off-center, adhering to the rule of thirds. This adds a touch of visual interest to the video.

4. Mind the Audio Quality

While smartphone cameras have advanced significantly, the built-in microphones might not always do justice to the speaker's voice. Record in a quiet space to minimize background noise. If possible, use an external microphone to enhance audio quality. Clear audio is crucial for viewers to fully grasp the customer's experience.

5. Encourage Natural Speech

Guide your customer to speak naturally. Avoid scripted testimonials as they can come off as rehearsed and insincere. Provide a list of talking points rather than a verbatim script. This allows the speaker to express themselves authentically, making the testimonial more relatable to potential customers.

6. Keep it Concise

In the fast-paced world of online content consumption, brevity is key. Aim for a testimonial video that lasts between 1 to 2 minutes. This ensures that viewers stay engaged throughout the entire video and receive the essential information without losing interest.

7. Edit Thoughtfully

Most smartphones come equipped with basic video editing tools. Trim any unnecessary footage, add subtle transitions, and include captions if needed. The goal is to maintain a polished look without sacrificing the genuine nature of the testimonial.

8. Share Across Platforms

Once your testimonial video is ready, share it across various platforms – your website, social media channels, and email newsletters. Leverage the authentic voice of your satisfied customer to build trust and credibility with your audience.

And that’s about it.  The best bit about DIY marketing in the digital age is that if you screw it up, you can just do it again or try something else without spending much money.  There are loads of great examples of this and we’ve brough together some of those for you here.  We’ve also collated some stats on effectiveness too, so if you’re arguing for a marketing budget, take these with you!  Of course, if you’d like us to bring our customary wizardry to the project, get in touch.  It costs less than you think.

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Great relationships are based on trust, open communication and a bit of chemistry.

Book your 30 minute chemistry call today and let us ask you some great questions to get the ball rolling.
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Great relationships are based on trust, open communication and a bit of chemistry.

Book your 30 minute chemistry call today and let us ask you some great questions to get the ball rolling.
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